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Discord Metagame Rewards, New Pause UI & New Modeller joins the team!

Sep 6 2019News

We talk about how you can participate in our discord metagame competition, Jordan's new Pause UI & introduce Simon, our new modeller


Castle Sieging, 400 twitter followers, crosshair tweaks and more!

Aug 26 2019News

This week we have been working on polishing the upcoming Kickstarter demo working on problems with camera bounds, crosshair tweaks and difficulty.

Why I Love Making Video Games

Aug 23 2019Feature

A "short" dev-diary on my ambitions as a game developer. How many of you can relate to these passionate feelings of creativity?

Castle Damage, New Menu UI & More- Battle Siege Royale Dev Log 01

Aug 18 2019News

We're also adding a discord metagame starting (date in article)...


Limited Early Access and Pre-Release Beta

Dec 23 2019News

Many of you have noticed the full release of the game has been pushed back to April 30th. We will still have a limited Early Access on Christmas day as promised, but we're only offering this Early Access to members of our Discord community. It's free to join and you'll get access to the game before anyone else!


Graphics Settings, Death Screens and New launch date

Jan 20 2020News

We just put out a new build on steam which includes loads of new features including a brand new siege engine model AND a new map based in Wales. You can get access by requesting a key on our discord server. If you don’t have time to play right now go ahead and wishlist the game on our steam store page so you will get reminded before launch.