Battle Siege Royale

A new way to experience the battle royale genre! Choose a siege weapon, defend your castle, outwit and out-survive! In a death match elimination, the last remaining player will be crowned champion of the siege! But beware! As each kingdom falls to siege, the playable map gets smaller!

Escape From Niflheim

When a mortal and a goddess are caught as lovers, punishment must ensue. Separated from your one true love, you are cast into the depths of Niflheim, the Viking underworld. The only thing keeping you from complete despair is the hope of escape and being reunited with your one true love. But beware, when a man defies the Gods, he becomes unrecognizable from the man he was. Escape from Niflheim is inspired by the classic Rouge-Like games; Angband and Moria. With a heavy emphasis on a fantasy world with several RPG and Puzzle elements, Escape from Niflheim is bound to please the die-hards of the genre.

Chronicles of Albion

Chronicles of Albion is a High Fantasy "Pseudo-History" Role-Playing Series planed as a long term franchise for our studio. The series will be based on historical events with the take that medieval folk-lore was real. The series will draw upon mainly English and Norse mythology.