Jordan is the founder and operator of Skjöld Game Studio. He does the programming, design, some 3D modelling and some marketing. He wears a lot of hats, but his cowboy hat is his favourite. He oversees operations in US.


Simon is our 3D artist. He is an author of a series on 3D modelling and a seasoned veteran of the industry. He oversees operations in UK.


Will Goad is marketing manager of Skjöld. He helps our fan base grow in the UK, US and China through tenacious analysis and advertising campaigns.


Newt is the youngest member of our studio and quite talented as our UI designer, 2D artist and concept artist. He live in the Philippines.


Willians does music for Skjöld as well as several other studios. He is a talented veteran with a hand full of released titles under his belt. He lives in Brazil.