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A battle royal experience unlike any other. Pick your siege weapon, defend your castle, survive!

A new way to experience the Battle Royale genre!

Battle Siege Royale strives to be a gaming experience that is both unique and memorable, offering hours of quality replay value. The concept is simple, build your fortress, choose your siege weapon, defend your lands and outlast the enemy. If you and your castle can make it to the end you will be crowned champion of the siege!


1) Pick from three weapon types
2) Pick from three game modes
3) Outlast 4-9 enemy kingdoms (based on selected game mode)

Battle Siege Royale has combat and movement controls similar to a tank game with a gameplay style similar to a battle royale. You choose either a; ballista, trebuchet or catapult, defend your castle (the only place you can go to repair your damaged weapon) and destroy the 4-9 other player's siege weapons and castles before they can destroy yours! A shrinking map forces enemies closer together, till one kingdom reigns supreme! Offering a dynamic blend of offence as well as defense, Battle Siege Royale makes the battle royale genre a little more interesting.

More of the cooperative type? Opt for the team royale game mode, where you and a group of friends defend your kingdom and destroy all others. The premise is the same as the traditional battle royale mode, but with a handful of friends to have your back.

Want to sharpen your skills or play in the backwoods with no internet? Single player helps you hone in your aim and tactics while outwitting challenging AI.

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